Lenovo Legion Y90 unboxing

On the evening of February 28, Lenovo will release a new generation of gaming phones, the Savior Y90.

The Savior Y90 gaming phone introduces for the first time on a cell phone active cooling with dual fins and dual fan design, 32 PC-grade cooling fins, an increase in heat exchange area of 1600mm², a maximum air inlet temperature difference of 25°C, and a maximum air inlet volume of 180.65cm³/s, a 300% increase compared to the previous generation.

In terms of performance, the Savior Y90 gaming phone is equipped with a new generation of Snapdragon 8, which supports virtual memory and achieves a maximum running memory capacity of 18GB LPDDR5 + 4GB virtual memory.

The ROM architecture is UFS3.1 + SSD RAID 0 disk array, with a maximum ROM capacity of 640GB. compared to the regular UFS 3.1, the UFS3.1 + SSD RAID 0 disk array of the Savior Y90 gaming phone, sequential reads improve by 40%, sequential writes improve by 30%; random reads improve by 11%, random writes improve by 50%.

The Savior Y90 gaming phone is equipped with a Samsung custom 6.92-inch AMOLED E4 gaming non-porous screen. This screen has a refresh rate of 144Hz and supports a multi-finger sampling rate of 720Hz, with a low screen touch latency of 3.8ms, low latency, high fluency, and more hands-on operation.

The Y90 gaming phone has been adapted to a number of games with high frame rates of 144/120/90 fps, including 144 fps games such as "Dream New World", "Dragon Fantasy" and "New Gods and Demons"; 120 fps games including "Glory of Kings", "QQ Speed" and "Kart Run"; 90 fps games including "League of Legends", "Skyward Sword" and "Naruto", and more games will be adapted to the high frame rate of the Y90 gaming phone in the future.

The right side of the Savior Y90 gaming phone has 2 shoulder keys on the top and bottom respectively, which can be set to become 4 shoulder keys, with 3 stops of screen pressure sensing on both sides of the front, building a new six gods keys, supporting different modes of operation such as individual click, double click and screen pressure sensing, simplifying gaming operations across the board.

The Savior Y90 gaming phone has a 64MP main camera + 13MP ultra-wide angle 120° lens on the rear. The Savior Y90 gaming phone is equipped with a 16MP front-facing lens. This imaging system supports one-click start broadcasting, global video call enhancement, and dual-camera video chat.

It also has a built-in 5600mAh high-capacity battery with 68W super flash charging, which takes 35 minutes to fill up the 5600mAh.

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