OPPO Find X5 Pro unboxing

On the evening of February 24, OPPO officially released the new flagship of OPPO Find X5 Pro, 8 + 256 version of 5999 yuan, 12 + 256 version of 6299 yuan, 12 + 512 version of 6799 yuan, has been opened tonight at 20:30 booking, March 3, 10:00 officially opened for sale.

Ceramic version after 45 processes, 168 hours of repeated calcination and polishing, to achieve the visual effect of uniformity of light and shadow. It is more wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, and twice as hard as glass in terms of hardness and heat dissipation efficiency.

In order to reduce the sense of camera protrusion, Find X5 Pro adopts a sunken lens with an integrated mirror platform surface design, which ultimately controls the difference between the lens and the platform surface segment within 0.13mm, achieving a stronger sense of unity while making the transition to the camera part of the finger feel smoother to the touch, and also effectively avoiding the hiding of dirt at the lens.

One of the biggest features of OPPO Find X5 Pro is the self-researched image-specific NPU, Marianas MariSilicon X is the first image-specific NPU for OPPO under the DSA new gold architecture concept and 6nm advanced process, the industry's first 4K ultra-clear night video.

As for the screen, OPPO Find X5 Pro is equipped with 6.7-inch new generation LTPO 2.0 2K screen, with self-researched intelligent dynamic refresh rate technology, which can realize 1-120Hz non-sensitive frequency conversion.

Screen resolution up to 3216x1440, PPI 525, and achieve native 1 billion color display, environmental adaptive technology 2.0 dual adjustment of brightness and color temperature, in the stunning display environment to achieve comfortable eye protection, breaking 16 records of Display A + screen.

In terms of performance, the OPPO Find X5 Pro is equipped with a new generation of Snapdragon 8 processor, with the whole family bucket level cooling system, using a combination of oversized VC and graphene film with ice skin cooling case to bring the thermal protection from the inside out.

The Find X5 Pro is equipped with a high-capacity battery of up to 5000mAh to ensure longevity, and supports 80W super flash charging, which can charge half of the battery in 12 minutes and charge to 100% in 35 minutes. It also supports 50W wireless flash charging, which can charge up to 100% in 47 minutes.

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