Logitech G412 SE mechanical gaming keyboard unboxing

A few days ago, Logitech G412 SE/TKL SE two mechanical gaming keyboard, the former with a small numeric keypad, the latter without a small numeric keypad, priced at only 399 yuan and 349 yuan.

Logitech G412 SE supports 6 keys without punch, can press multiple keys at the same time, compared with non-gaming mechanical keyboard, performance has improved.

It is 435mm long, 127mm wide, weighs 780g, and has a 1.8m cable length. The black brushed aluminum shell reduces bending and provides longer durability, and it uses a gaming-grade paragraph mechanical key shaft to enjoy the feel of the paragraph keys of the tea shaft, and the key sound is relatively quiet compared to other mechanical shafts.

The keyboard has four adjustable LED white backlighting, which makes the keyboard clear and legible even in dark usage scenarios, allowing players to be accurate during frequent keystroke operations.

Logitech G412 SE provides a fully functional shortcut function (FN) keys, allowing players to easily switch lighting effects, control volume, play and pause, mute, Windows lock, etc.; gaming, office, entertainment to cope with ease.

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