NAS : Home memory hub Z4 unboxing

A month ago, Extreme Space held a new product launch in Beijing with the theme of "Beyond+" and launched a new four-drive NAS, the new Z4, with 8GB of upgraded memory and priced at 2799 RMB (previously 2599 RMB for the 4GB version).

The new Z4 still uses the Intel J4125 processor with 4 cores and 4 threads and a CPU frequency of up to 2.7GHz. eMMC capacity is increased to 16GB. a single disk supports up to 20TB and a total capacity of up to 80TB.

It is also equipped with dual 2.5G NICs and supports link aggregation to 5G, 10G transfer speed M2 interface SSD cache, and supports up to 20TB on a single disk, making it a performance monster in a 4-disk private cloud.

In terms of heat dissipation, the new Z4 is equipped with a 70cfm ultra-high airflow hydraulic bearing 14cm fan, incorporating high-precision intelligent temperature control speed algorithms, self-researched rail-type pathway air ducts, suspended full skeleton hard drive bracket, and a rigid contact-free design for more stable operation.

The new Z4 supports PT download, Xunlei download, and the shared content can be dumped to the pole space in batch and at high speed. Support WeChat file backup a selection of photos and video files from chat history for upload.

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