Huawei Honor Watch GS 3 Unboxing

On January 10, Honor held a new conference, in addition to releasing its first folding screen phone - Honor Magic V, it also brought a new watch - Honor Watch GS 3, priced from 1,299 yuan.

Honor Watch GS 3 is positioned as a fashionable light business smart sports watch, targeting white-collar elites. The classic design in our hands is warm gold in color, which interprets gentleman-like elegance and wisdom in the alternation of time.

In addition to using 316L steel as the main material of the watch frame to achieve better body strength and impact resistance, the Glory Watch GS 3 Streamlight Classic is also carefully polished with the real gold coating process to interpret a more fashion forward color performance.

Like the popular trend of cell phone screen, the watch mirror of Honor Watch GS 3 also adopts 3D light curved glass, and the curved edge is slightly higher than the middle frame with a fuller design, making the screen of the whole watch mirror feel fuller and more tense.

Honor Watch GS 3 is equipped with a 1.43-inch AMOLED silky smooth color screen to ensure a larger display area. 326PPI pixel density allows the watch to not only accommodate more information, but also allows users to read clearly and easily, and the brightness of 1000nits can ensure a clear display even during outdoor sports.

The strap is an important part of the watch, and the Honor Watch GS 3 uses selected Nappa head layer calfskin as the strap material, with small pores, fine texture, smooth and flat surface, soft and skin-friendly feel, and good tensile strength, making it more comfortable for users to wear.

In addition, the Honor Watch GS 3 uses a 22mm, easily removable strap clasp design, a gentle toggle to change the strap, allowing users to follow the occasion, clothing, mood with different straps.

Health, glory for the user's health data monitoring accuracy claims, using HONOR Health 5.0 software and hardware synergy program, the 8-channel PPG monitoring module to collect the heart rate signal for AI fusion, and through the frequency tracking algorithm and AI heart rate algorithm, to achieve accurate monitoring of heart rate data, to provide reference data for users to understand the physical condition in a timely manner, the accuracy rate at 10bpm The accuracy rate is up to 97% at 10bpm, which is comparable to the accurate monitoring capability of heart rate band.

Honor Watch GS 3 also supports up to 104 sports modes and supports inertial navigation and dual-frequency five-constellation fusion positioning, which can also substantially improve positioning performance in demanding scenarios such as urban canyons, high-rise communities, and steep mountains.

In terms of battery life, Honor Watch GS 3 achieves 14 days of ultra-long battery life and also supports fast charging, charging 5 minutes to use 1 full day.

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