Xiaomi MIX Fold 2 demonstration video announced

This afternoon, Xiaomi officially released a Xiaomi MIX Fold 2 demonstration video, which reveals a lot of details.

First of all, it is obvious that the thickness of Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold 2 has changed by leaps and bounds this time compared to its predecessor, and the body after unfolding is almost the same thickness as the Type-C connector, just a little thicker.

From this point on, you can see the ultra-thin body design of Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold 2, which also confirms some previous revelations that the machine may have to create the thinnest record for in-folded phones.

At the same time the ultra-thin design at the Type-C interface also means that this time the MIX Fold 2's mid-frame material will be very solid and can ensure that the hole is opened at an ultra-thin thickness and meet the factory inspection specifications. From the glossy look of the video, it is possible that the material is stainless steel, but new materials may also be used.

In addition, the ultra-thin body does not leave much space for the hinge, while Xiaomi says this new machine will bring a revolutionary breakthrough that will make folding screen phones more practical, presumably Xiaomi has also developed a new technology on the hinge to ensure a low crease effect.

The machine will be officially released on the evening of August 11, the specific details will wait for the official specific unveiling.

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