Xiaomi 13 Pro to use Android’s highest-end screen

Today's news, Xiaomi founder Lei Jun pointed out that the Xiaomi 13 Pro uses the highest-end and most expensive screen of the current Android flagship.

The screen measures 6.73 inches and uses Samsung E6 light-emitting material to dramatically improve luminous efficiency, with a peak brightness of 1,900nit, so that the content on the screen can be clearly distinguished even in sunlight.

xiaomi 13 pro to use androids highest end screen

In addition, the Xiaomi 13 Pro's screen supports LTPO high brush, allowing users to independently adjust the refresh rate of each app within the settings to bring the smoothest using experience.

What's more, Xiaomi 13 Pro's screen supports 1920Hz PWM high frequency dimming, this high frequency PWM dimming solution can effectively reduce the impact of screen flash on the human eye on the one hand, on the other hand, it also solves the problem of DC dimming low brightness display effect is not good, it can be said that the current OLED screen eye protection effect and display effect of both solutions.

In addition, like 1.07 billion colors 10bit color depth, professional HDR display, ambient color temperature sensing, full link P3 wide color gamut display and other parameters, Xiaomi 13 Pro screen are also included.

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