Windows Insider members get a free USB flash drive from Microsoft: 64GB capacity

To make it easier for Insider members to get a fresh installation of the ISO image, Microsoft released a perk a while back that allowed them to request a free USB flash drive.

windows insider members get a free usb flash drive from microsoft 64gb capacity

Developer XenoPanther was lucky enough to receive a 64GB USB flash drive with a thank-you note from the Windows Insider team inside.

Normally it takes more than 6 to 8 weeks from application to final harvest.

Microsoft reportedly released two new preview images of Windows 11 last month, with free ISO downloads for interested members: the Canary channel corresponds to build 25324 and the Dev channel to build 23419.

The Canary channel is now considered to be the future testing channel for Win11 version 2024 or Win12, with major changes to the kernel and APIs.

Author: King
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