Win12 UI design revealed: looks like MacOS

Microsoft is hard at work on Windows 12, after the Windows boss revealed that the new operating system will be built from the ground up and will unleash the imagination of AI.

A screenshot that has been circulating shows the possible main interface of Windows 12, but Apple users looking at it are sending out trolls because it looks too much like macOS.

win12 ui design revealed looks like macos

In fact, a similar sound was heard after Win11 centred the Start menu and taskbar icons. However, the new screenshot shows the time, Wi-Fi and battery moved to the top right, the desktop tools to the top left and the search box and message notification bar in the top centre of the screen - even a bit of an iPhone Lingering Island vibe.

Of course, it's very hard to say whether Microsoft will eventually adopt this - after all, Windows 12 is a year and a half away at the earliest.

It's also worth noting that Win 12 is also considering other hardware configuration requirements based on Win 11 (although these are easy to crack), such as a minimum of 8GB RAM + 64GB SSD storage, etc.

Author: King
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