Win11’s ‘disruptive’ features still ignored by Microsoft after three months of failure

In 2021, Microsoft's chief product officer Panos Panay unveiled what he has always called a "disruptive" innovation - the integration of the Clock app with music platform Spotify to play specific music in focus mode.

Ironically, however, users have recently discovered that this 'disruptive' feature has not been available for at least three months.

win11s disruptive features still ignored by microsoft after three months of failure

According to Spotify, this is due to an expired certificate for the Win11 Clock app, which causes the oATH header sent to the Spotify API to fail, preventing users from logging in.

As a result, Spotify advised users to contact Microsoft directly with feedback on the issue.

But the fact is that for at least three months since the feature was discovered to be broken, Microsoft has not responded in any way, either directly to fix the problem or in the official community.

This is a simple certificate failure, and there are no technical barriers for Microsoft to fix it.

At the time of writing, this "disruptive innovation" of Win11 is still being ignored by Microsoft.

Author: King
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