Win11 quietly updated: Notepad tab feature is finally here

Already in the beta version of 2022, Microsoft tried to bring a new tab feature to Win11's Notepad software, but was slow to clarify when the feature would officially go online.

Today, some users found that in the official Win11 update, Microsoft has quietly put online a new Notepad that adds the tab feature.

After this update, users can use Notepad, and use the browser, click "+" to open a new tab window.

win11 quietly updated notepad tab feature is finally here

If the tabs are not available after the upgrade, you can try selecting "Open in new tab" in Notepad Settings>Open files.

For users, this feature will improve the efficiency of switching between multiple document pages and will also be able to consume less memory than opening multiple notepad pages.

In addition to the newly upgraded Notepad, the new version of Win11 is also optimized for mobile phone connectivity, screenshots and touchscreen operations.

Now, Windows Insiders have started testing the interconnection with iPhone, allowing users to receive incoming calls and SMS messages on the PC side; the previously well-received screenshot tool has also added the screen recording function, solving the tedious process of searching for third-party software to record the screen.

win11 quietly updated notepad tab feature is finally here 1

For the Win11 tablet, the new version adds new touch gestures and an enhanced experience with touch stickers, taskbar folding, and other features.

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