Win11 has another serious bug: Intel users program crashes

Every time Microsoft updates the Windows system, even the regular patches, it often brings bugs, and this time Intel users are out of luck.

This Tuesday's patch day, Microsoft pushed some upgrades to Win11 and Win10 systems, but after applying the KB5022360 patch, some users feedback that the program crashes and pops up the "apphelp.dll missing" error message prompt.

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This bug is very serious and very common, except that the users affected are using Intel hardware, not AMD.

The reason is related to the older version of the Intel driver, Microsoft also confirmed the problem after investigation, already know that the problem exists on Intel PC, and only those using to version of the graphics driver PC computer is affected.

Microsoft said users can mitigate the problem by installing a version of the Intel graphics driver higher than Given the severity of the problem, Microsoft said it will release a fix for the bug soon, although the exact timing is not clear.

Author: King
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