Win11 doesn’t support dragging the taskbar Bug after forcing registry changes

What are the changes in Win11 that you are most unhappy about?

I'm sure many of you will vote for the new right mouse button, the centred Start menu, the demanding configuration requirements and so on. Of course, there is one thing that definitely has its place, and that is the locked taskbar.

Unlike Win7/8.1/10, Win11 currently only allows the taskbar to be placed directly below the desktop, not above it, or even to the left or right of it, as was previously the case.

Although it is possible to force the taskbar to be placed at the top of the desktop by modifying the registry, the Start menu, Search, Task View, etc. are still displayed from below, i.e. they are not natively optimised by Microsoft.

win11 doesnt support dragging the taskbar bug after forcing registry changes

Speaking to Insider members a few days ago, Microsoft admitted that Win11 does not support dragging the taskbar position at the moment, noting that the feature needs a lot of work to implement, but it is not something that Microsoft is prioritising.

In fact, almost every recent update from Microsoft has moved the needle on the taskbar, including directly terminating processes, turning off the clock display and the native second hand, but the development of dragging the position has been lukewarm.

The feedback centre has received more than 20,000 requests for taskbar position dragging.

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