Win10 April update causes printing/scanning failure

In the April Tuesday patch that Microsoft recently released for Win10, a printer-related bug has reappeared.

Microsoft again urges Win10 21H2 users to upgrade to Win11

According to user feedback, after installing the latest patch, KB5025211, the device was unable to use the printer's document scanning feature, and on some printer models, print jobs were sent that caused the printer to stop working.

In addition to printer failures, there have been other issues with this update.

Some users have reported that after installing the update, the default application settings menu opens every time Chrome is enabled. Some users have also reported that the GUI page remains stuck at 0% after the update, but the CPU fan is spinning at high speed.

At this time, Microsoft has not responded to any of the above user feedback.

Author: King
Copyright: PCSofter.COM

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