Twitter ad revenue down badly: considering selling 1.5 billion usernames to generate revenue

Since Musk's acquisition of Twitter, the Internet giant's days have been less than stellar, not only because of massive layoffs, but also because its core advertising revenue has fallen severely due to the runaway of many partners.

Recently, people familiar with the matter revealed that Twitter has begun to consider selling usernames to generate revenue for the company.

It is reported that Twitter's username is a string of characters after the @symbol, which is used by Twitter to identify accounts.

twitter ad revenue down badly considering selling 1 5 billion usernames to generate revenue

The person familiar with the matter said that as early as last December, there were discussions among Twitter employees about selling some of the usernames and the possibility of selling them through an online auction was studied.

Musk has also previously said that he would eliminate a large number of inactive accounts on Twitter and release 1.5 billion usernames; thus, it is likely that these usernames will be used for sale.

It is worth mentioning that the sale of usernames is currently strictly prohibited on Twitter, because in 2020, there were hackers who hacked into Twitter, thus obtaining valuable usernames and selling them.

At the moment, Twitter has not officially responded to the information revealed by the source.

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