The first to try ColorOS 12! OPPO’s new flagship announced

Today, OPPO announced that a new product launch will be held on September 16.

OPPO introduced that there will be a number of new flagship products unveiled at this conference.

The poster shows that there will be at least three products at this conference, the top right corner should be OPPO's new flagship, the middle is the ColorOS 12 operating system, and the bottom left is the smartwatch.

Details about the new OPPO flagship are still scarce, before the blogger @数码闲聊站 revealed that this month OPPO will launch a new member of the Find X3 series, which should be the new flagship mentioned by OPPO. There is no doubt that the flagship will be one of the first models to try the ColorOS 12 system.

If this new flagship belongs to the OPPO Find X3 series, it is expected that there will not be much difference in specifications.

OPPO Find X3 series

The OPPO Find X3 series is the flagship phone launched by OPPO in the first half of this year, which adopts a new curved design, called the "impossible surface".

It is reported that the back of the OPPO Find X3 series uses a continuous curved design, which greatly reduces the abruptness of the camera part through a very complex process, bringing not only a very recognizable appearance design, but also a distinctive feel experience.

As a new member of the Find X3 series, OPPO's new flagship is worth waiting for.

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