The first public beta of Android 14 is coming! Google I/O 2023 is set for 10 May

Today, Google officially announced that its Google I/O conference will take place on 10 May, with a digital countdown on its official website.

the first public beta of android 14 is coming google io 2023 is set for 10 may

It is also official that the conference will be open to some developers below the line and to all via an online format.

In terms of content, as usual, the conference will bring the first public beta of Android 14.

According to known sources, Android 14 builds on Android 12L and 13, with Android 14 mainly improving support for devices of all screen sizes, with Google emphasising its focus on tablets and foldable devices, helping developers create better apps for tablets and foldable devices.

There are also a number of new features in Android 14, such as the addition of font scaling up to 200%, privacy and security updates, including a dynamic code loading workaround to mitigate malware and exploits in dynamically downloaded code, and more.

Outside of the system, Google is also likely to unveil new hardware products at I/O, including the Pixel 7a and Pixel Fold foldable screen phones.

Bard, a direct competitor to ChatGPT, will also be announcing its latest developments at the event, which is also worth waiting for.

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