Samsung responds to Galaxy S23 Ultra moonshot ‘fake’ claims

Recently, a user on Reddit questioned the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra for faking the moon when taking pictures of it.

samsung responds to galaxy s23 ultra moonshot fake claims

Now, Samsung has officially responded to the request, making it clear that no image overlay processing has taken place.

In the response, the official said: "Samsung is committed to providing the best photography experience in all conditions. When users photograph the moon, the AI-based Scene Optimisation technology identifies the moon as the main subject and performs multi-frame compositing, and then the AI enhances the image quality and colour detail. It does not apply any "image overlay" to the photo.

In short, instead of directly overlaying the moon with fake images, the Galaxy S23 Ultra optimises the image quality and colour detail of the moon using multi-frame compositing technology, making it clearer.

Meanwhile, officials say that if users are uncomfortable with the AI-based image optimisation, they can turn off the AI-based scene optimisation feature in Settings, which will turn off the detail enhancement of the user's photos.

In particular, photographer Fahim Al Mahmud Ashik showed photos of the moon taken with high-end phones such as the iPhone 14 Pro and OnePlus 11, which were clearly visible.

samsung responds to galaxy s23 ultra moonshot fake claims 1

This means that similar multi-frame compositing techniques are not only used by Samsung, but have become commonplace among mobile phone manufacturers.

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