Samsung promises Galaxy S23 OS upgrade 4 generations, 5 years of security updates

Smartphone OS system upgrades are important to users, now the phone performance with three or five years no problem, the key depends on the manufacturer's upgrade strategy, in today's Galaxy S23 series launch, Samsung promised the phone to provide 4 generations of system upgrades.

samsung promises galaxy s23 system upgrade 4 generations 5 years of security updates

According to Samsung executives, they offer up to 4 generations of OS upgrades, note that it is 4 generations and not 4 years, which is a fundamental difference, 4 generations of systems are more guaranteed.

With the current Android 13-based terms, Samsung's commitment to 4 generations of system upgrades means that the Galaxy S23 phone can be used until the Android 17 upgrade, which is more than most domestic mobile phone brands.

In addition to 4 generations of system upgrades, Samsung also promised to provide 5 years of security patch upgrades, which is also the highest level in the Android camp.

At the end of 2022, Samsung officially launched OneUI 5.0 system, based on Android 13 bottom, the new version has new features such as lock screen customization, expanded color palette, improved permission notification customization options, slightly redesigned quick switch area, and has better animation effects.

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