Samsung Cloud announces termination of Cloud Drive music and file recovery features: deletion of user data

Today, Samsung sent an email announcement to its users stating that it will terminate the Cloud Drive music/file recovery function and delete related user data from 3 July.

three star cloud announces termination of cloud drive music and file recovery features deletion of user data

Samsung Cloud said that before the official termination of the Cloud Drive Music/File Recovery function, users can back up the relevant information in advance, and when the data is deleted, users will not be able to retrieve the said information.

In addition, the discontinuation of Cloud Drive Music/File Recovery will not affect other Samsung Cloud services such as synchronisation and other backups (e.g. contacts, calendar, settings and home screen).

Three Star Cloud actually announced its complete shutdown at the end of 2021, when users' photo album sync and cloud storage data was deleted from the My Files app.

Three Star Cloud will now focus on providing basic data backup/sync and recovery functions for mobile phones (e.g. contacts, calendar, settings, etc.).

Following the closure of the former Samsung Cloud service, cloud storage services overseas have mainly been taken over by Microsoft's OneDrive.

Samsung chose to partner with in China, and Samsung China users can migrate and store their data through Samsung Edition.

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