Samsung begins testing Galaxy Z Fold 5 waterdrop hinge

According to SamMobile News, Samsung will start the reliability test of the waterdrop hinge of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 this weekend.

samsung begins testing galaxy z fold 5 waterdrop hinge

The test will last for about a month with multiple rounds of 200,000 folding tests, and if the hinge loss does not exceed 15% after the test, it will officially go into mass production.

The reason for such intensive reliability testing is that the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is Samsung's first foldable screen phone with a waterdrop hinge.

With the addition of the waterdrop hinge, the thickness of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 can come to about 13mm, and can further reduce the screen crease while solving the gap that existed after the previous phone merger.

It is worth mentioning that the waterdrop hinge is not a new technology.

Before the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, various domestic manufacturers have adopted a similar hinge structure design on folding screen phones, thus ensuring the strength while greatly reducing the thickness of the folding screen phone and reducing the screen crease.

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