ROMA, the world’s first RISC-V notebook, is released

RISC-V architecture is seen as the third way for China's chip industry after x86 and ARM architecture, and many believe that RISC-V architecture may be the key to the rise of China's core.

Recently, the 10th Annual Open Source OS Technical Conference was held in Beijing, where the world's first RISC-V development laptop, ROMA, was officially released and shipped with the openKylin operating system as standard.

roma the worlds first risc v notebook is released

It is understood that ROMA is the world's first native RISC-V development laptop, managed by the RISC-V Foundation, developed by Deep Digital Intelligence and debugged by Forensic Technology, to experience native RISC-V development and the RISC-V software ecosystem.

roma the worlds first risc v notebook is released 1

However, no specific parameters of the ROMA were officially announced at the conference. The PPT only revealed information such as the use of a 4-core 12/22nm processor, 4/8/16GB of RAM and future support for ChromeOS.

roma the worlds first risc v notebook is released 2

Unlike Win computers, ROMA has its own shortcut key, to the left of the "Alt" key, with the RISC-V logo, which can currently be used to open the RISC-V website, etc. Other shortcuts should be available in the future.

After the introduction of openKylin, openKylin has optimised the ROMA with special RISC-V technology, including kernel & support layer, scalable OS architecture, hardware device drivers, etc. It provides more than 10,000 software packages for developer support environment, and the software ecology includes openKylin's own research, FireFox, etc.

roma the worlds first risc v notebook is released 3

For consumers, it will be a few years before they can use affordable RISC-V laptops, but the greater significance of ROMA is that it will help the development of RISC-V chips and the development of Chinese cores.

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