OPPO N series will be resurrected soon

In the past two years, as manufacturers and users are in pursuit of the ultimate screen-to-body ratio, and the biggest obstacle is the front camera, so manufacturers are attacking the under-screen camera technology, hoping to hide the front camera under the screen.

Last week, OPPO announced the "next-generation under-screen camera technology" at the future image technology conference, which is a double breakthrough that takes into account the screen display and the under-screen front camera imaging effect.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that OPPO canceled the front camera, as early as 2013 OPPO had launched a large screen phone N1, this phone in addition to the 5.9-inch large screen, the biggest highlight is equipped with a flip camera, with the rear camera instead of the front camera, this is also one of the first domestic phones to cancel the front camera.

At that time, OPPO N1 with the rear to front camera practice, the level of front camera raised several notches, captured a lot of female users, the red hot.

But unfortunately, OPPO shelved this series of models in 2014 after the launch of the second generation model N3, so many ladies are very sorry.

The latest news shows that OPPO has already been planning the return of the N series of products, and recently the well-known blogger@数码闲聊站 also specifically issued an article hinting at this information.

However, the official OPPO has not yet announced any information, specific information has not flowed, the official debut of the time may be later.

There is news that if the OPPO N series smartphone is successfully resurrected, its positioning will be between the Find series and Reno series, and is expected to be priced at 4,000 RMB, will you consider it?

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