Opera Browser pushes update 97.0.4719.26: Integration of ChatGPT and AI summary features

Previously, Opera announced that it would be integrating ChatGPT into its browser.

Today, the Opera browser released update 97.0.4719.26, which integrates generative AI chatbots based on ChatGPT and ChatSonic.

opera browser pushes update 97 0 4719 26 integration of chatgpt and ai summary features

Users can now generate AI prompts by highlighting or typing text on websites.

Users can also have the AI help them write articles or web summaries, write social media posts for users, or help them with creative ideas through prompts.

In addition, Opera has integrated ChatGPT and ChatSonic into the browser's sidebar.

Opera says that while ChatGPT can also handle text, ChatSonic, powered by GPT-4, also allows users to generate images based on text input.

Commenting on the feature, Jan Standel, vice president of marketing and communications at Opera, said that Opera is also working on other AI features to "enhance the browsing experience" and plans to add "popular AI-generated content services to the sidebar".

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