OneUI 5 opening test: notification tray Quick Setting shortcuts reduced from 6 to 5

A few days ago, Samsung launched the OneUI 5 Beta public test program based on Android 13, and has invited users of the Galaxy S22 series in the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions to test it. But there's an unfortunate tweak in the new version: the number of Quick Setting shortcuts in Samsung's notification tray has been reduced by one.

Like most Android phones, Quick Setting in Samsung phones uses a "two-step menu approach". You can swipe down the notification tray to access some of the main shortcuts, and a second swipe will display a full toggle list with multiple pages. This is the case with most Android phones, but the number of shortcuts you see at any given time varies from device to device.

For example, on Google Pixel phones, the "Quick Setting" menu displays a 2×2 grid above notifications and a 4×2 grid across the panel. Samsung, on the other hand, displays six toggle menus in the first menu and a 4×3 grid in the second. In both cases, Samsung shows far more quick settings at once compared to the Pixel.

We quickly noticed that when launching OneUI 5.0 beta on the Galaxy S22+, there are now only 5 Quick Settings icons. The larger 4×3 grid stays the same, but it's still odd that Samsung is tweaking the top menu with this update.

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