New patch for Linux 6.1/6.2 released: Fixes intermittent lag on AMD processor fTPM

AMD has previously acknowledged that enabling fTPM for AMD Riptide processors in Linux is likely to cause intermittent system lag and crashes.


The bug was reported to be most prevalent in the Linux 6.1 kernel, as starting hwrng with fTPM by default per b006c439d58db (hwrng:core - also hwrng kthread for untrusted sources) would trigger the bug.

The fix patch in Linux 6.3-rc2 has now been backported to Linux 6.1.19 and Linux 6.2.6 by members of the Linux kernel maintenance community to fix the stalling problem.

However, it should be noted that the patch only disables the hardware random number generator on the version of fTPM known to have the bug, and does not completely fix the stalling problem.

You will need to wait for AMD's subsequent official fixes to fully resolve the problem.

Author: King
Copyright: PCSofter.COM

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