New Intel drivers allow the Arc A750 to beat the RTX 3060

A few days ago, Intel pushed out a new version of graphics driver, the fourth update since the major driver upgrade in February, which is quite diligent.

Intel Arc Graphics Drivers WHQL v31.0.101.4146 Download

The new driver debuts with 0 time lag support for two new games, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, an RPG from Team NINJA, a division of Glorious Tikumo, and Destiny 2: Lightfall, an FPS game from Bungie, providing the best compatibility and performance.

The Arc A750's performance in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty was 79FPS at 1080p max and 54FPS at 2K high, both ahead of the RTX 3060.

Since February, Intel's graphics drivers have synchronised first day support for nine new games.

new intel drivers allow the arc a750 to beat the rtx 3060

In addition, Halo: Infinite's performance has been greatly improved, running at 120fps in high quality at A750 1080p resolution and up to 91fps at 2K resolution, as well as fixing an issue with colour errors when reflection effects are turned on.

The issue of crashing full-screen scores in Reddead 2 (Vulkan) has also been fixed.

Incidentally, the A750 has recently seen a big price drop and is already much more cost-effective than the RTX 3060 12GB, making it worth considering for mainstream gamers.

The new driver supports Arc A, Iris Xe discrete graphics cards, 11th, 12th and 13th generation core graphics cards and Windows 10/11 64-bit operating systems.

new intel drivers allow the arc a750 to beat the rtx 3060 1

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