Neither supports PCIe 5.0: AMD entry motherboard A620 will have two chip versions

At the end of 2022, AMD launched the Raider 7000 series desktop processors with the upgraded 5nm Zen4 architecture, which brought significant performance improvements, but due to the high cost of the motherboard led to a poor market response.

In the face of this situation, there is news that AMD will launch an entry-level A620 series motherboard to cut some features at the expense of bringing a more affordable price.

Today, according to HKEPC news, the A620 series motherboards will have two versions, the first version launched with the Promontory 21 chip, followed by the launch will be equipped with the Promontory 22 chip.

neither supports pcie 5 0 amd entry motherboard a620 will have two chip versions

However, it now seems that the two versions will remain the same, and neither will support PCIe 5.0.

It is reported that the A620 is a MATX specification, supports Raider 7000 processors, supports PCIe 4.0x16 graphics, has 2 M.2 interfaces, one of which is PCIe 4.0 directly from the CPU, and PCIe 3.0 that comes with the chipset.

The motherboard supports DP 1.4 and HDMI 2.1 video output, and has an AX211 wireless network card, full specifications.

Not surprisingly, the price to kill the A620 motherboard within a thousand dollars, will effectively reduce the installed cost of the Dragon 7000 to play a role in promoting sales.

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