moto X30 Pro released: 200 million pixels & Snapdragon 8+

This afternoon, Motorola held a new product launch of three flagships together, the first to appear is moto X30 Pro.

This new machine is not only equipped with Snapdragon 8+ chip, with strong performance in addition, or the world's first 200 million pixel phone, equipped with Samsung HP1 CMOS, the two sides conducted a deep joint tuning, with / 1.22 inches large bottom, whether day or night, can shoot super clear picture.

In addition to the 200 megapixel main camera, it also has a 117° ultra wide-angle lens and a 2x telephoto lens, with the ultra wide-angle lens supporting 2.5cm macro photography.

To better capture portrait images, moto X30 Pro deeply integrates three focal lengths best suited for portraits with the imaging system, including wide-angle portrait 35mm, standard portrait 50mm and close-up portrait 85mm, allowing for better-looking portrait photos with a single click.

The front camera is a 60MP OV60A lens for better results in selfies and video calls, placed in a centered perforated solution.

The front of the moto X30 Pro is equipped with a 6.7-inch flexible OLED screen with a 53° micro-curved design that effectively balances feel and display, supports 144Hz high brushing, HDR10+, SGS eye protection dual certification, DC+PWM anti-screen flash, and more.

The core specifications, moto X30 Pro is equipped with the current excellent reputation Snapdragon 8+ chip, with LPDDR 5 + UFS 3.1 to form an iron triangle of performance, AnTuTu score easily exceeded 1.1 million points.

Charging this time moto X30 Pro also reached the first echelon of Android, built-in 4610mAh large battery, support 125W technology fast charging, only 7 minutes to 50%, extremely fast back to blood, but also randomly included Type-C interface 125W gallium nitride GaN flash charging head, compatible with a variety of protocols, but also can punch the laptop.

In addition to wired fast charging, the machine also supports top-of-the-line 50W high-speed wireless fast charging, as well as 10W wireless reverse charging.

System-wise, moto X30 Pro is pre-installed with the new myui 4.0 system this time, which is smoother and more feature-rich than its predecessor, bringing a stronger experience in privacy protection, gaming, etc.

With such strong and comprehensive performance, the moto X30 Pro is only 8.39mm thick and weighs only 197g, and is available in two colors: ink charm black and clear frost white.

Price moto X30 Pro offers three storage specifications, the first to enjoy 200 yuan discount, to the hands of 8 + 128GB 3499 yuan, 12 + 256GB 3999 yuan, 12 + 512GB 4299 yuan.

Author: King
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