moto X30 Pro Pure White Edition announced

At 14:00 on August 11, Motorola will hold a new conference to officially launch three new flagships, including two straight flagships, as well as a folding screen flagship.

Among them, moto X30 Pro is Motorola's top-positioned flagship model this year, this time not only equipped with Snapdragon 8 + strong performance, but also in the screen, design, image, fast charging on all aspects of the upgrade.

This morning, the official in the warm-up also announced a heavy news, moto X30 Pro will be launched pure white color "clear frost".

For a long time, in the phone have rarely seen pure white body, mostly gradient or other beige and white color scheme, now the white body is very rare, not because manufacturers do not want to do, but more "laborious".

Previously, a cell phone executives have revealed that the white process is more difficult, very test a cell phone manufacturer's CMF level, a slight deviation in the process, the final result will be completely different, the texture will also be discounted.

Chen Jin also posted this time, "White is the color that best highlights the texture of the body and is also the most difficult to adjust."

In short, now there are manufacturers willing to launch pure white body, is also very worthy of praise, look forward to the moto X30 Pro performance.

Do you like white phones?

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