Microsoft’s new version of Defender joins subscription plan

As one of the core Microsoft software services, Microsoft is not serious about Microsoft 365 subscription services, not only put a lot of energy, but also has been trying to increase the competitiveness of the product.

microsofts new version of defender joins subscription plan

Recently, Microsoft decided to add the new version of Microsoft Defender to the Microsoft 365 "family bucket" category.

According to Microsoft, Microsoft Defender will be included in the Microsoft 365 installer from the end of February this year.

This means that when users install Microsoft 365 apps on Windows devices, the system will automatically install Microsoft Defender apps and other apps.

If a user has a Microsoft 365 subscription and has installed the application, Microsoft Defender will also be automatically installed with the next update; the user simply launches it from the Start menu and logs in using the Microsoft account for Microsoft 365. Users can simply launch it from the Start menu and sign in using their Microsoft Account for Microsoft 365.

According to the introduction, the new Microsoft Defender will provide comprehensive network, malware and virus protection, and report suspicious risks at any time by email, with OneDrive automatic storage can be achieved without manual storage, storage history without fear of file loss.

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