Microsoft Windows 12 to deliver CorePC experience

In October last year, the user interface of the prototype Win 12 system was unveiled, featuring elements such as a floating taskbar, a centred message bar at the top front, desktop widgets in the top left corner and time/date/battery/Wi-Fi status in the top right corner.

This new next-generation system has since been much talked about by users, and the news now suggests that Windows 12 will offer a CorePC experience, focusing on modularity, security and AI, while making the user experience significantly better than its predecessor.

microsoft windows 12 to deliver corepc experience

Rumour has it that Next Valley (or Windows 12) could see the tech giant resurrect the cancelled Windows 10X with a new 'CorePC' modular approach, and the previously leaked prototype user interface for Next Valley makes sense in this regard.

A Microsoft computing executive has already spoken about the important role that cloud and artificial intelligence will play in the next generation of systems. As a result, the company appears to be slowly adding cloud PC options to the Settings app.

Windows CorePC is positioned as a modern Windows platform for different product forms, can be configured with different levels of Win32 compatibility depending on the actual device, and is also AI-enabled. There are currently at least three versions of the CorePC experience in development: Education, General and Silicon based. An announcement is expected in 2024.

microsoft windows 12 to deliver corepc experience 1

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