Microsoft releases Win11 Build 25284 Beta update

As the latest generation of Microsoft's operating system, Win11 has made a number of radical changes to Win10, including a new widget feature.

win11 2023 moment 3 update content out

However, such a feature, which is theoretically infinitely scalable and has huge potential, has been seen as "chicken feed" since its launch, with only a few first-party widgets available.

Today, Microsoft has released the latest Build 25284 beta update to the Win11 Dev channel, bringing third-party widget functionality for the first time.

With this update, developers will be able to package their Windows App SDK 1.2-based widgets as part of their apps, and users who are up to date with the latest beta can simply update their apps to the latest version and click "+" on the widget page to add the widget to the page.

In addition, when using third-party widgets, users can submit content via the widget feedback link in the widget selector.

In addition to the late arrival of third-party widgets, this build 25284 update also fixes the following issues.

[Taskbar and System Tray]

-Fixed an issue where right-clicking certain icons in the Hidden Icons pop-up window would cause the pop-up window to close instead of displaying the context menu for that icon.

[Search on the taskbar]

-These fixes are only available to Windows Preview Experience members who have adopted a different approach to the appearance of Search on the taskbar, starting with the rollout to Preview Experience members in build 25252.

-Fixes for an explorer.exe crash that affects some Insider testers, related to the search box on the taskbar.


-When triggering a search suggestion while using the Pinyin input method, the keyboard focus now stays on the current candidate word. To move the focus to the suggestion, press Tab.


-Fixed an issue with Touch PC where it was not possible to swipe down from the top of the screen to display the title bar when using certain applications in full screen mode.


-Fixed an issue that caused some applications to hang or crash when saving a file as a PDF in recent versions.

-Fixed an issue where using the Connect option in the application could inadvertently fail to display devices in recent versions.

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