Microsoft plans to add mouse gestures to Edge

Ever used mouse gestures?

In daily use, the mouse gesture is undoubtedly more convenient and intuitive than a variety of complex shortcuts, which also makes many users even in Chrome, Edge and other browsers that do not support the feature, but also through third-party plug-ins to achieve the function.

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And now, Microsoft seems to intend to add the mouse gesture function in Edge, users no longer need to install their own plug-ins.

At present, Microsoft's strategy support document has briefly introduced this new feature, from the description, the function will support Edge 112 and above, allowing users to draw certain patterns by pressing the right mouse button to achieve such operations as forward, backward, open a new tab, refresh the page, etc..

However, in the current version of the latest Edge Canary channel, Microsoft has not actually added this feature.

From this point of view, it will probably be a long time before this feature is officially released.

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