Microsoft Outlook email filter malfunctioned: users were inundated with spam

One of the features that comes with Microsoft's Outlook email service is the spam filter, which can filter emails based on user-configured rules and isolate the worthless spam.


Recently, however, Windows Central found that Outlook's filtering function was malfunctioning, leaving many users "inundated" with spam emails.

One user said on social media, "I'm about to give up on Outlook. I've been getting a ridiculous amount of spam the last few days".

Based on the feedback so far, the problem is most prevalent in personal accounts of Outlook, while no similar situation has occurred for corporate users.

At this point, however, users have not found the cause of the outage, nor have they been able to clarify the severity of the outage and the associated vulnerabilities.

Microsoft, on the other hand, has not issued any kind of response to the filter failure in Outlook.

Author: King
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