Microsoft officially launches Phone Link for iOS on Windows 11

Back in Win10, Microsoft added the 'Phone Link' feature to the system, allowing users to connect their Android devices to Windows to make calls, send and receive text messages and more.

Now the feature has finally been added to support iOS.

Today, Microsoft officially announced that Phone Link for iOS is now available for Win11 users, breaking the barrier between iPhone and Win11 and allowing devices to connect.

microsoft officially launches phone link for ios on windows 11

When iOS users enable Phone Link for iOS in Win11 and connect their phones, they can put their phones aside while using the computer and rely solely on the computer to receive notifications, make calls, view messages, access contacts and more.

With the integration of iCloud and the Win11 photo album application, users will also be able to access and organise their pictures on the computer.

This feature has been gradually rolled out to Win11 users and is expected to be fully available to all Win11 users by mid-May.

It should be noted that in order to use this feature, in addition to receiving the push update, users will need to ensure that their iPhone's system version is iOS 14 and above.

In addition, due to iOS limitations, users will not be able to access image/video sharing and group messaging on their computers for the time being, and messages will only be displayed when connected to a computer.

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