Microsoft may raise the threshold for Win12 upgrades: SSDs become a mandatory requirement

Over the past month, the news that Microsoft has begun work on the Win12 operating system has increased and information about it has begun to leak out.

microsoft may raise the threshold for win12 upgrades ssds become a mandatory requirement

The latest news, revealed by deskmodder, is that Microsoft is planning to increase the hardware requirements for users in Win12.

According to the known information, Win12 will not raise the requirements in terms of processor, but will require users' devices to support TPM 2.0 and have at least 8GB of RAM and 64GB of storage space.

In addition, Microsoft is likely to make it mandatory for users to use an SSD as a boot disc in the new system.

In fact, even in Win10, using an SSD as the system's boot disc can make a significant difference to the boot and running speed of the machine.

It is therefore not surprising that in Win12, which is more demanding in terms of performance, the use of a faster reading SSD as a boot disc is mandatory.

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