Microsoft gives away free USB sticks to Canary members

Recently, Microsoft tweaked the Windows 11 beta channel by adding a new "canary" channel, which means that the version is more advanced than the development version and also more unstable.

According to the agreement, all testers with versions higher than build 25000 are automatically moved to the Canary channel.

The sudden appearance and specificity of Canary has led to speculation that Microsoft is internally testing the development version of Windows 12.

microsoft gives away free usb sticks to canary members

Now, Microsoft also says that these testers can now claim a free USB flash drive to make it easier to reinstall the system image at a later date.

According to Microsoft, the hint that the Canary channel will start accepting versions of Windows with significant changes to both the kernel and APIs could not be more obvious.

The Dev channel has now been downgraded to build 23403 and the Canary channel has been updated to 25314.1010, which is just an appetizer to pave the way for the upcoming "Win12" release.

microsoft gives away free usb sticks to canary members 1

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