Microsoft DirectX 12 updated: allows CPU and GPU to access video memory simultaneously

Recently, Microsoft announced a new feature for DirectX 12 called "GPU Upload Heaps", which is now available in the Agility SDK.

This feature is said to effectively improve the performance of DX12 games by allowing the CPU and GPU to access video memory simultaneously, significantly reducing system memory usage.

microsoft directx 12 updated allows cpu and gpu to access video memory simultaneously

In today's world, the demand for memory and video memory in high specification games is increasing, as is the amount of data that needs to be transferred between the CPU and GPU.

The GPU Upload Heaps feature reduces the CPU and memory footprint during gaming, eliminating the need for the CPU to store copies of data in system and video memory for interaction.

The former is GeForce Game Ready 531.41 WHQL or newer and the latter is Intel Graphics Driver or newer.

It should be noted that as this is a new feature that has just been introduced, it will take some time for developers to understand its capabilities and whether it will lead to unexpected bugs.

Therefore, there may be no games that actually use this new feature for a short period of time.

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