Microsoft confirms autumn push of Win11 23H2

Which version of Win11 have you updated to?

In its latest blog post, Microsoft has confirmed that Win11 23H2 will be released this autumn.

Make way for Win12, Win11 annual update 23H2 is here

However, somewhat disappointingly, some developers have revealed that Win11 23H2 will be based on the current 22H2 (Build 22621) "polish", in other words, not much has changed.

22H2 was codenamed "Nickel", while 23H2 was originally codenamed "Zinc", but with much of the project team moving to Windows 12, the "Zinc" project was never completed. Zinc" was never released, and perhaps many of the quality features were moved to Win12 as a result.

In addition, Win11 23H2 will probably be the last official version of Win11 to be updated with the merged features, as Win12 will be released in 2024 and Win10 will be Win11 by that time.

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