Microsoft ChtaGPT version of Bing chat site implants ads

Based on feedback from users on Reddit, Bing is currently responding with ads for products that are relevant to the content of the search.

For example, if you search for questions related to "Pokémon: Zhu/Violet," the AI will ask the user if they are "interested in buying Pokémon: Zhu/Violet"? and provides a link to the product ad below.

microsoft chtagpt version of bing chat site implants ads

In fact, according to data previously released by Microsoft, every 1 percentage point increase in Bing's share of the search market will bring in an additional $2 billion annually.

At the same time, in order to seek ChtaGPT version of Bing's real estate channels, in addition to advertising, Microsoft also recently raised the Bing Search API fees, up to 1000%.

Author: King
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