Meizu Flyme 10 officially launched

Last night at the Meizu ∞ Lynk Boundless Eco conference, Meizu officially launched the new Flyme 10 operating system.

meizu flyme 10 officially launched

In Flyme 10, Meizu is equipped with the new OneMind 10.0, relying on Meizu's most powerful hardware to date, the generation of supercomputing AI engine, to achieve a new fragmentation self-organization and storage optimization, with the use of the application of digital life, intelligent compression and other new technologies, to bring more than the previous use of the experience.

At the same time, thanks to the power of OneMind 10.0, as well as 10 times higher stability test standards and 20 times higher software quality, Flyme 10 has passed the 48-month fluency certification by Thiel Labs, and can be used smoothly for a long time without lag.

meizu flyme 10 officially launched 1

In addition to its smoothness, the new system also offers excellent security features.

Flyme 10 has eight layers of security protection, and features such as Guardian Sceptre, All-Seeing Eagle Eye, Privacy Cloak and Invisible Boot have been fully upgraded to further enhance user privacy and security.

In terms of appearance, Flyme 10 adopts a new colour system, giving applications such as Phone, Clock and Gallery a new attitude with a more refined and richer colour system, and other UI designs have also been fully optimised.

Of course, as the first new system in the Meizu 20 series, Flyme 10 is most notable for its comprehensive and seamless eco-connectivity.

With a single Flyme ID, users can quickly establish a connection between their phone and car, and with FlymeAuto, it delivers an outstanding immersive experience for both daily phone use and driving on the road.

In addition, with support for the Matter 1.0 protocol, Flyme 10 is also able to intelligently connect to smart homes, bringing a smart home ecology exclusively for users.

The Meizu 20 series will be the first to feature Flyme 10, and the Meizu 18/17 series will also begin internal testing and pushing of the new system later.

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