Make way for Win12, Win11 annual update 23H2 is here

The latest preview of Windows 11 has advanced to build 25295, so how is the annual release coming along?

win11 2023 moment 3 update content out

Eagle-eyed folks have discovered that, Microsoft's internal domain name for communicating documents and resources, is already in effect, which means Windows 11 23H2 is officially on the schedule.

After trying to replace 23H2 with 24H2, the domain name was invalid and jumped to the Bing search homepage.

It is reported that 23H2 internal codename Sun Valley 3, if Windows 12 really choose to debut next year, then 23H2 can be the final official version of Win11, which is expected to arrive in September or October.

Currently, Microsoft's Win11 update is a combination of a major update once a year and several "moments" updates.

Microsoft previously promised to support Win11 23H2 Home Edition/Professional Edition/Workstation Edition for 24 months and Enterprise Edition for 36 months.

In terms of the progress of the development version today, the changes to look forward to in 23H2 are multi-tabbed Notepad, multi-tabbed Explorer, deeper integration of Explorer with applications such as OneDrive/Microsoft 365/Teams, and broader coverage of the modern UI for interface windows.

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