Lenovo GeekPro G5000 gaming laptop released

With mainstream gaming laptops selling at all-time high prices, entry-level gaming laptops from various companies are starting to get the attention of users.

Today, Lenovo has released a promotional video of its new entry-level gaming notebook, the GeekPro G5000, showing off the notebook's key parameters.

lenovo geekpro g5000 gaming laptop released

In terms of display, the GeekPro G5000 features a 2560*1440 resolution 162Hz high refresh rate display with 350nits brightness, 100% sRPG high colour gamut, 8bit colour depth and DC dimming.

The GeekPro G5000 is available with up to a 13th generation Intel Core i7-13700H processor and NVIDIA RTX 4060 graphics to meet the gaming needs of gamers.

The notebook also comes with 16GB of dual-channel DDR5 5200 memory and a 1TB PCIe 4.0 SSD with expandable space.

Elsewhere, features such as the Lenovo Saver's Frostbite G cooling system and the TrueStrike proto-sensitive keyboard are carried over to the GeekPro G5000.

It's easy to see that Lenovo's positioning of the GeekPro G5000 as an entry-level gaming laptop to replace the original Y7000P means that it will be priced to sell.

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