iPhone 15 concept drawings revealed: Dynamic Island + dual rear camera

Recently, there have been multiple revelations showing that Apple will still launch four iPhone 15 series models this year, in line with the previous generation planning.

But there are some changes in the design of the models, which will all come standard with the Dynamic Island's hole-digging design, and the standard version of the iPhone 15 will be used for the first time.

Recently, an overseas agency has produced a concept rendering based on supply chain news, showing the appearance of the standard edition of the iPhone 15.

iphone 15 concept drawings revealed dynamic island dual rear camera

As you can see, the iPhone 15 Standard Edition is almost completely unchanged in design, except for the change in the Lingering Island.

The middle frame of the body is still made of aluminum and the back is diagonal dual camera, so far the dual camera solution has been used on the Standard Edition for 5 years.

iphone 15 concept drawings revealed dynamic island dual rear camera 1

It is important to note that this time, although Apple will give the standard version of the devolution of the Lingering Island, but the screen refresh rate is still the same 60Hz, the high refresh rate is still exclusive to the Pro version.

Of course, the iPhone 15 standard version also has no access to the latest self-developed chip, can only use the iPhone 14 Pro the same A16 chip, in fact, with the A15 gap is not large.

iphone 15 concept drawings revealed dynamic island dual rear camera 2

The high-end version of the iPhone 15 Pro, as opposed to the iPhone 15 Pro, is rumored to have huge upgrades, including the A17 chip, titanium mid-frame, Type-C interface, 8GB of RAM, pressure-sensitive buttons, and a periscopic telephoto lens.

Apple will use significant upgrades to open up the gap between the Pro version and the Plus version, which will further increase the selling price and leave market space for the Plus version.

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