iOS 17 to support third-party appstore: on par with Android

On 22 March, AppleInsider reported that the EU's Digital Marketplace Act will allow third-party app stores to co-exist with the App Store on the iPhone or iPad.

The main purpose of the regulation is to prevent certain gatekeepers, who "act as both judge and player", from using their dominant position in data sharing, software installation, platform selection, advertising and promotion to reap high monopoly profits or restrict competition in the market. In Apple's case, the Act is designed to prevent Apple from taking advantage of the App Store by charging high fees for in-app top-ups.

ios 17 to support third party appstore on par with android

When this bill becomes law, iOS 17 will support sideloading. This is the same software installation model used by Windows and Android. When Apple fully opens up sideloading, it will be a step closer to Android.

Open sideloading will also bring Microsoft's own App Store to Apple's system. Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft's gaming division, has revealed that Microsoft wants to build an app store for iOS and Android, and that it will go live as early as 2024. Until then, Microsoft games, apps and services will be available to users through the Microsoft App Store, none of which will be restricted by Apple's App Store rules.

It is worth noting that Apple CEO Tim Cook is strongly opposed to sideloading, having said in an interview that "if you want to sideload, you can buy an Android phone".

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