Intel Arc Pro professional graphics card detailed specifications

Intel officially announced early this morning the Arc Pro A series of professional graphics cards for mobile and desktop graphics workstations, including the A30M, A40, and A50 models.

Now take a look at the detailed specifications of the three cards.

They are based on the same Xe HPG architecture, Alchemist cores, and TSMC N6 6nm process manufacturing as the mobile and desktop versions of the game cards.

All equipped with 8 Xe cores (128 execution units), 8 light chase units, core benchmark frequency 2.0GHz, acceleration frequency not announced but certainly not the same, because the A50 single precision floating point performance up to 4.8TFlops, A40, A30M only 3.5TFlops.

In terms of memory, the A40 and A50 are paired with a full 96-bit 6GB GDDR6 with an increased equivalent frequency of 16GHz (15.5GHz for desktop) and a bandwidth of 192GB/s; the A30M is a 64-bit 4GB GDDR6 with an equivalent frequency of 16GHz and a bandwidth of 128GB/s.

Power consumption varies, A50 75W, single fan dual slot, A40 50W, single fan single slot, A30M 35-50W, customer defined. All do not require auxiliary power.

Technical features are identical, all support PCIe 4.0 x8, DX12 Ultimate, Vulkan 1.2, OpenGL 4.6, OpenCL 1.2, hardware ray tracing, VRS variable shading rate, H.264/H.265/AV1 hardware codec, VP9 decoding, Deep LInk.

The output interface comes standard with four miniDP 2.0 interfaces with a single maximum resolution of 8K/60Hz, and can be transferred to output HDMI 2.0b/2.1 with a single maximum resolution of 4K/60Hz.

Intel Arc Pro A-Series professional graphics cards available later this year, with a 3-year warranty.

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