Huawei OpenHarmony open source ecosystem grows again

According to the official number of Huawei Open Source, the OpenAtom OpenHarmony Eco-Enabling Signing Ceremony was successfully held in Shenzhen on January 9.

Huawei Mobile App Engine upgrades HarmonyOS

Under the guidance of the OpenAtom Open Source Foundation, Huawei signed OpenHarmony eco-enabling cooperation agreements with 24 partners, covering finance, education, transportation, energy, government, peace, manufacturing, health, broadcasting, telecommunications and other industries, to jointly promote the prosperity and development of the OpenHarmony ecology.

In his speech, Gong Body, President of Software Department of Huawei Terminal BG, said that in 2022, with the joint efforts of all co-build partners, OpenHarmony system capabilities have been continuously enhanced and ecological progress has been accelerated in various industry sectors, with 102 commercial devices, 94 development board modules and 28 software distributions having passed the community compatibility assessment.

It is understood that OpenHarmony is an open source project incubated and operated by OpenAtom Foundation, with the goal of building a framework and platform for smart device operating system based on open source for the whole scene, whole connection and whole intelligence era, and promoting the prosperous development of Internet of Everything industry.

Not long ago, the "father of Hongmeng" Wang Chenglu reiterated that Hongmeng system is not Android, iOS, nor is it a single device operating system, if a single device with Hongmeng is not too valuable.

He said that the biggest value of HongMeng lies in the combination of multiple devices with each other through HongMeng soft bus, and has three important technical features, namely "unified OS, flexible deployment", "hardware mutual assistance, resource sharing". "One development, multi-deployment".

With the list of partners who participated in this signing:

huawei openharmony open source ecosystem grows again

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