Google to design its own processor for future data server

In 2021, Google started putting its own custom version of the processor in its Pixel 6 phones. Now, the company appears to be doing the same for its data server hardware, with a new report from The Information suggesting that Google wants to introduce custom server processors sometime in 2025.

google to design its own processor for future data server

The new chip is being designed in response to Amazon's decision in 2018 to use its own Graviton processor in its AWS server hardware. The report, which cites unnamed sources, claims that Google is actually working on two server chip designs. One is codenamed Cypress, and is being developed entirely in-house at Google Israel. The other chip is based on a design from Marvell Technologies, codenamed Maple.

The article also says that the Cypress chip is considered Google's "Plan A" processor, while the Maple chip is the "Plan B" processor. Both will use Arm-based 5nm chips, but otherwise there is no further information on the specifications of the two custom chips. If Google does go ahead with its custom data server processor plans, this could be a bit of a problem for sales of Intel's Xeon chips or AMD's Skylar processors.

Source: The Information via TechRadar

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