Google starts fighting back: search engine integrates AI chat

In the search engine market, Microsoft has not been able to compete with Google for so many years, but in the last two years a huge investment of $13 billion in OpenAI, ChatGPT integrated into the new Bing, and suddenly became the darling of the market, relying on AI to overtake Google, so the latter was caught off guard.

How to apply for the Google Bard chatbot [with application address]

In terms of AI, Google's technology is not only no worse than Microsoft's, even ChatGPT relies on big models that originate from Google's open technology, so it's not hard for Google to catch up, officially launching its own AI app Bard a few days ago, and after testing the waters it will be deeply integrated into Google's major products.

Google CEO Pichai recently said the company plans to add conversational AI capabilities to its flagship search engine in response to competition from chatbots like ChatGPT and broader commercial pressures.

In an interview, he said advances in AI would improve Google's ability to answer a range of search queries, and he dismissed claims that chatbots pose a threat to Google's search business.

Google has long been a leader in developing large language model (LLM) computer programs, but it has yet to use the technology to influence the way people use search engines, and Pichai said that would change.

Pichai's latest comments suggest that Google is planning to allow users to interact directly with the company's large language models through its search engine. This move could upend the traditional link-based experience.

Pichai said that Google is currently testing several new search products, such as a version that allows users to ask follow-up questions to the original query.

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